3 Reasons to Install Solar Panels at Home

UK Solar Energy Experiment Panel
UK Solar Energy Experiment Panel | Image by Flickr

Progressive homeowners are discovering the benefits of fulfilling a portion of their electricity needs with solar energy. Installing solar panels or photovoltaic cells are a clean and affordable way of powering homes and reduce the electricity bill. Some environment-conscious homeowners install solar panels because it reduces carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 35%. Whatever the reason, the raging popularity of solar photovoltaic systems can be attributed to several factors.

Main reasons for solar panels

to some of the reasons due to which more and more people invest in PV system are:

Increase home value : Statistics provided by the National Appraisal Institute state that homeowners can increase the value of their homes with $ 20 for each $ 1 drop in annual utility bills. An average solar energy product can increase the value of your home by $ 17,520. After taking into consideration discounts and incentives, your house would be much less than your purchase price cost

Cut in electricity bills :. Electricity bills are a major concern, not only in terms of draining your monetary resources bolt also dangerous for the environment. Homes and small businesses use 500 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month. Some even pay as much as $ 75 per month. This is higher than the tax deductible loan payments each month to finance solar power systems to be paid. A typical solar system will reduce your bills by $ 92 to $ 11 per month

Reduce carbon footprints . The whole world is becoming aware about ‘going green’ and home solar system is the best way to be supporting this endeavor. Electricity creates about six tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per household in the US every year. Considering the fact that an average American produces about 20 tons of carbon dioxide per year, installation of photovoltaic systems can reduce your carbon footprint to 35%.

Solar energy is renewable and reliable. Our earth receives enough solar energy to every residential and commercial unit power on the planet. So, why does all natural energy un-utilized? To top all this, solar panels are made of silicon, which is another use of natural resources (since silicon is sand form.) Moreover, the production of solar energy does not cause harmful emissions or substances. Depending on the system you choose, you can cut down or even your house dependence on grid, especially to eliminate power shortages during mass.

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