ACOPOWER 220Wh Generator and 70W Portable Solar Panel …

ACOPOWER 220WH Solar Generator is one of our most popular lithium energy storage products. It features small size, simple design as well as its pure sine wave which protects your devices at its most. This portable solar generator has built-in solar charging controller and 200W Pure Sine Wave AC inverter.

ACOPOWER 220Wh 110V/60HZ Portable Solar Generator

Capacity: 220Wh(60000mAh /3.7V) High Quality LiPolymer

Batteries AC Output Voltage: 110±3%

Output Frequency: 60Hz±0.5Hz

Output Power: 200W (Pure Sine Wave)

Peak Output Power: 250W

DC 2×USB Port: 2×5V3.1A

2×DC Port: DC 9~12V/5A Max

Peration temperature: -20℃-60℃

Super Portable Lightweight


Widely Used For Indoor or Outdoor Such as Family, Office, Travel, Camping, ETC AC Output: three-prong AC output capable of delivering 200W of power and it does deliver pure sine wave thanks to the inverter inside the unit, which are preferred for many electronics and equals to the wave of grid-tie system. Note: For the safety purpose, AC output would stop working while the battery is being charged.

Three Ways to Charge the battery

1、 ACOPOWER 220Wh Can be Charged by Connecting a Compatible Solar Panel. You Can Use ACOPOWER Portable Solar Panel 70W

2、 ACOPOWER 220wh Can be Charged by being Plugged Into a Regular AC Wall Outlet.

3、 ACOPOWER 220WH Can be Charged by Plugging Into Your Car Adapter. How Long Can Charge Fully: From AC wall charger (70W), 7~8 Hrs. Charge Anywhere.

Product Specification

2x35w Portable Solar Panel

(Made of SunPower Solar Cell)

Maximum power 70W 18V

Max power voltage 18V

Max power current 3.8A

70W Portable suitcase: 8.4 lbs; LxWxH 22 x17.5 x1.2 IN; handle design;
70W Portable suitcase: monocrystalline cells from SUNPOWER the highest conversion efficiency module provider in the world, which increases conversion efficiency up to 25%
220wh Generator Portable & Safety: light weight of 6.7 lbs, mini size of 9.8*6.3*3.4in built in high energy density lithium ion battery, safer than normal Li-ion battery; stronger storage ability, 1.5 times of other lithium batteries. It has short-circuit protection as well as overcharging protection and discharging protection, and a cooling fan is built in to avoid over-heating
220wh Generator Versatile Output: charge regulator included, DC/AC inverter included, 2 USB ports for phones and ipads, 1 AC 110v inverters for home electronics charging with low losses, 2 DC Ports for lighting (Please note: stop charging when you are going to use the outputs.)
220wh Generator Outdoor or UPS: the portable solar generator was designed for camping and UPS. A capacity of 220wh for most of the camping devices. A full charge supports 5.5 hours laptop/tablet, 6 hours 30-60w mini fridge, 8 hours electric fan, 10 hours 20w light, 11 times ipad mini, 32 times smartphone, and 95 hours 2w electric razor

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