Anker 14W Dual-Port Solar Charger with PowerIQ Technology

in the sun’s rays and turn your device with the freedom Tap.

Brilliant power.

If you are out enjoying the great outdoors, you can still enjoy an additional benefit: free unlimited power. Simply spread the solar panels or add your package to start repowering your gadgets. 14 Watt provides enough power to charge two devices simultaneously.

PowerIQ :. Compatibility maximizes

Not all loading ports are the same. Standard ports to effectively communicate with specific devices such as Apple or Android, often their recharge rates is limited. But intelligent with PowerIQ technology, each port identifies your device to its unique load speak language. So are evident in every device brand and enjoy compatibility, which does not limit your download speed (although the weather perhaps).

Packin ‘portability.

flipping into an easily stowable Paper size package and a weight of less than £ 2, the solar charger adds minimal bulk to your backpack. Well-placed eye holes allow easy attachment to backpack, tent or even trees.

Robust quality.

The plates are faced with industrial-grade PET plastic and tied together with heavy-duty polyester fabric, equips this solar system with ultimate weather-resistant durability. High-quality materials and a circuit to ensure lifetime reliability.

For optimal use.

• Minimize exposure to water, to protect electrical components.

• Compatible with all USB devices charged (except for the Asus Transformer and iPod Classic).

• In order to ensure complete safety and optimal performance, we recommend that the original cable for the device or a third-party certified to one (such as MFI) .The Anker® advantage: Join the 6,000,000 + powered by Amazon # 1 Load Line.
Exclusive PowerIQ (TM) technology: Detects deliver your device, its fastest possible charge rate up to 2 amps in direct sunlight
dual-port power supply :. 14 watt monocrystalline solar array provides enough power to two devices at a charge time. Ensure industrial-strength PET sheets and polyester fabric resistant to weathering resistance
Compact dimensions (11 x 6.9in / 28 × 17,5 cm folded or 34.6 x 11in / 88 × 28cm open) and well -. Placed eye holes allow easy attachment to a backpack while hiking
What do you get :. Anker® 14W Foldable Solar Charger, welcome leaders, our fan-favorite 18-month warranty, and friendly service.

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