AspectSolar 804551475283 Solar Power Pack Pro 60

Power your life with Aspect Solar’ s Solar Power Pack Pro 60. This bundle includes everything you need to get the most out of the revolutionary Energy Bar 250. Charge it with the power of the sun using the EP-60 or get power on the go with the DC-154 lighter socket adapter cable. When it’s not charging, protect your Energy Bar 250, EP-60 & cables inside the EC-250 carrying case for waterproof, padded security. The Full Power of the Sun: Advanced monocrystalline cells gather the highest amount of photovoltaic energy possible. From there, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology ensures that devices are pulling the most efficient amount of energy at any given time from the panels. EP-60 LED lights up when it is angled to receive optimal sunlight with its adjustable stand. Energy Bar 250 Specifications: 250 Watt Hour (Lithium) LiFePO4 Battery, 4 USB outputs 2 Amps each, 12V DC Socket, AC Charger and Carry Case included. AspectSolar is the world’s best, most reliable portable solar power products. All products come with a 5-year guarantee. Enjoy the freedom of being fully charged everywhere you go and whatever you do. It’s guaranteed power when you need it the most for your phone, tablet, laptop, CPAP’s, LED TV’s and other digital devices.Includes Energy Bar 250, EP-60 Solar Panels, DC-154 Charging Adapter and EC-250 Carrying Case.
Smartphone charged for 25 hours of use, laptop for 3-4 hours of use and a LED TV for 10 hours. Four USB outputs for charging multiple devices.
Best in class, safe to use, high powered green lithium battery. 40%-60% lighter than traditional batteries.
Charge with solar panel or from vehicle lighter socket. Or charge with the DC-154 adapter cable.
No memory problems, extremely long shelf-life

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