Building Vs Buying – The Solar Panel Debate

UK Solar Energy Experiment Panel
UK Solar Energy Experiment Panel | Image by Flickr

When building your own solar panel, many people will weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether to either a panel, buy a panel or complete deletion of the concept. Many people have done in the past for the latter option and just scrape the idea of ​​a more energy-efficient household. But in modern times with oil prices at record highs and people are generally more concerned about the environment, the idea of ​​homemade renewable energy sources to come back around. The most popular homemade energy is the homemade solar panel. In this article I will go through the pros and cons of the custom panel by purchasing a panel.

For this example we are going to take a group of panels create a certain amount of watts and therefore save you in the long-term money, so if you build or buy the same amount of energy produced, this is because the amount not important, but if you’re building or it saves you money now a panel. The main difference between buying and making a solar cell is that when you build you lose time, but if you buy one you lose money. So now the obvious question, how much is your time worth? Because this is the easiest way to determine whether or not the purchase of, or the making of a solar panel is most cost / time would be effective. And when I say how much is your time worth, I do not mean only money I mean the family children etc, how much you value your time.

The facts are that the making of a solar panel cost 15-20% of the total cost to buy one. This 20% is due to the tools and materials that are needed to make it. Therefore one advantage makes its own solar panel is that it is cheaper, a clearly advantageous probably the most important. The disadvantage is that between 5-7 hours to actually. That time which can be used for a better effect. One advantage of buying your panel is that you have a warranty. If it breaks on the first day you take it back and get a new one or refund. A disadvantage is that if it breaks out of warranty you can not fix it yourself if you have not learned the skills if you do not build it in the first place.

Another important point when deciding whether to buy or make a panel is that once you’ve created it, you can do it again and you just need to pay for the material cost if you already knows how to make it. This makes the process even cheaper, as for the purchase of a panel, they do not cheaper, just because you have one, be six months ago. Therefore, in my opinion, it’s better to learn how to make a solar panel than to buy one. You can also be able to make a business of making home-made solar panels, there is an idea!

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