DIY Solar Panels – Where to Locate Your Homemade Solar Panel

concentrated solar power tower
Concentrated Solar Power Tower | Image by WikiPedia

Your DIY solar panel is clear and unobstructed sunlight. You can make a quick assessment of a suitable place to walk around your home and garden. Try to find at least three possible locations for your source of renewable energy. Ideal locations are natural roofs, so take a look at your garage, barn and home. Your DIYcells should be placed away from obstructions such as walls or trees.

The angle of your sun panel is also important as this will affect the performance of the system. In the US, the sun is always in the southern sky. Therefore often the ideal location for your do it yourself solar cells will be your south roof. I often find that flat roofs are working properly. Can be the optimum angle for the do-it get solar panel by mounting the cells under an angle on the south in the direction of the sun. But do not worry if you do not have a south-facing roof, the system can work well on the east and west facing roofs.

If you can not find a location on the roof for the panels, you can always fix your homemade solar panels on the ground. There are two options available, either a fixed mount or what is known as a tracking mount. The tracking will assemble the sun to provide the most direct sunlight to follow the solar cells.

There are plenty of solar panels mounted guides and plans on the market to help you get the most out of your DIY solar panels. Make sure you pick up a guide before you renewable energy project.

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