GPRV 160, 160 Watts Solar Charging Kit

Go Power! makes solar easy with the Go Power! Watt solar charging kit. This is the largest 12 Volt solar panel on the market and it is paired with a 30 ampere Go Power! GP-PWM-30 solar controller which is a 30 ampere pulse width modulated 4 stage solar controller, complete with digital display. This is the easiest solar installation you will find in the industry because Go Power! has been making complete solar packages for longer than any other alternative energy company. The 155 Watt solar charging kit also includes mounting hardware and MC4 quick connect wires. It is a complete plug and play solar charging kit that is designed to keep the batteries charged on an RV, boat, cottage or cabin using the power of the sun. Another unique feature is you can easily expand the system because of the 30 ampere solar controller. By ordering the solar charging kit you can have up to 500 Watts of solar with the same wiring and controller.Easiest installation compared to any solar kit on the market
Most powerful 12 Volt panel on the market
25 year warranty backed by a public company
Includes GP-PWM-30 digital solar controller with 4 stage charging ability
Designed to charge batteries in RV, marine, cottage and cabin applications

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