Heliocentris 391 Dr. Fuel Cell Professional, Demo

The Dr. FuelCell® Professional Demo Package teaches fundamental principles of chemistry and physics through solar-hydrogen fuel cell technology. Large, vertically mounted components and easy to read displays are ideal for large group or classroom presentations. Due to their user-friendly design, the Professional can also be operated by students. It is designed for grades 9 through 12 and is easy to set up and use while requiring no additional chemicals. TheProfessional offers 25 hands on experiments for introductory and advanced high-school courses.

Contents Include
• Solar Panel
• Electrolyzer
• Double Fuel Cell
• Load Measurement Module
• Hydrogen Technology and Fuel Cell Science Book Package – 4 Volumes
• CDROM – Clean Energy for the Future
• Stopwatch, tubes, cables, panel frame

How it Works The solar module converts radiant energy into electrical energy to power the electrolyzer enabling it to break water into its basic constituents of hydrogen and oxygen. When electrical power is required, the PEM fuel cell recombines the stored gases to form water, and release heat and electricity. The load module and the optional measuring unit enable specific loads to the fuel cell and visualization of the measuring results.

Teaching Materials Included for Grades 9 through 12 Three textbooks contain teacher’s guides for more than 20 experiments in physics, chemistry and technology, worksheets with short articles and written assignments, detailed instructions with information on the experiments and possibilities for the analysis and interpretation of measured data. The fourth book, “Principles and Applications”, includes articles with background information that can be used independently in classes. The accompanying CD-ROM includes two videos and two PowerPoint presentations on the principles and applications of fuel cell technology.Reinforce chemistry and physics lessons with solar-hydrogen fuel cell technology.
Demonstrate a variety of experiments in the classroom with this hands-on user friendly, viewer friendly experiment station.
Use solar energy to power an electrolyzer, which produces hydrogen to power a fuel cell which then generates clean energy and pure water.
Recommended for the high school level.

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