How to Make a Small Solar Panel – The Materials You Need to Make a Small Solar Panel

Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction
Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction | Image by Flickr

Are you one of the thousands of people looking for all the materials you need about how to make a small solar panel? Well, you do not have to look much further ahead, because if you read through all this article, I will let you know all the materials you need to get started and what they will be used as well.

You probably know this, but the materials you need are readily available at your hardware store. But have you looked at one of these online? I know you have some really cheap solar cells can get on eBay, so do not seek to look beyond the Web.

Every day people like us learn how to make a small solar panel. Here are the materials you need to make your own solar energy:

Solar Cells – As I said earlier, look for it on eBay, because you get some really cheap ones can be found. The cells will be used to absorb the power of the sun into energy
Wood – .. you are going to have to build a box to place your solar cells
Paint – has to make good any sense? But it is important that we make use of paint on our box, because the panels are left out. This will be exposed to damage from rain, dew and sun leave the profession. The box painted will protect
plexiglass -. You should cover your panels with plexiglass to ensure that they are not damaged. It is better to use it than normal glass, as it durable
battery – .. The electricity that we make will be stored in the battery for use
Threads – These are connected to the solar cells and battery operation
Jones Plug – .. This is attached to wires and connected to the battery
DIY Guide – The guide will show the steps that are able to establish it all together.

Can you see how a small solar panel with these materials can be really cheap and easy to build? Once you have your first solar panel can be much more confident in building one another and the process will be faster every time.

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