How To Make A Solar Panel From Scratch – DIY Solar Panel

Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction
Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction | Image by Flickr

Making a solar panel on your own is not necessarily rocket science, but it is not the easiest of tasks of both. However, with the right tools and components and follow the instructions given, you need to be successful in learning how to make a solar panel for your home

necessary things :.

– Photovoltaic cells

– All the tools in your home

– Spare photo frames

– Soldering

– Black and red insulated wire

– Silicone Adhesive

– Glass or plastic cover

– multimeter

Getting Started

Buying the right kind of photovoltaic or solar cell is important. Different types of photovoltaic cells, such as crystalline silicon and copper indium selenide cells, cells in the market. They are easy to find in stores and are also available online. The number of cells you need to buy depends on how many panels you want to make and how much electricity you plan to produce.

Step 1

The cells that you purchased will have lines on one side of them. Place the cells on the plastic or glass plate in such a manner that the coated side facing the sun. There is one more thing you should know about how you can increase the voltage and current; placing all the cells in the same wire as a series increases the voltage that placing all the cells in different threads, which increases the flow parallel to each other.

Step 2

This step is simple science. Any cell or battery has two ends – one positive and one negative. , The solar positive and negative ends and these objectives should be logically connected let the flow through the panel. Therefore, the negative side of each cell is connected to the positive side, and carried out the same for all the cells performed. When this happens, soldering of the cells, together with a part of their tabs with the soldering iron. By the end of doing this, would be all of the cells in a particular pattern to be confirmed.

Step 3

It’s time to frame your solar cells. Stick them with their backs to the window and slowly remove the plastic or glass plate. Make sure no glue falls on the coated side of the solar cells. Subsequently, all the negative and positive tabs to be soldered of the cells separately. The negative tabs would now would be the side of the cells with the positive lines, and tabs on the other side. Solder a wire to all negatives with black insulated wire and all positives with red insulated wire. Replace the plastic cover. Now you need two wires hanging out of the system.

Step 4

now using the multimeter, check the amount of voltage and current share your panel and choose any gadgets that same energy specifications. If they do that, connect the positive and negative terminals respectively and finally, your brand new solar panel in use.

Source:—DIY-Solar-Panel&id=6420074 by Riley N Thompson


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