Klimaire 5 Zone Inverter Air Conditioner Multi Split Heat Pump (12K+12K+12K+12K+12K) btu

KLIMAIRE Ductless air conditioning systems are perfect solution to variety of installation challenges, allowing installers the ability to place ductless air conditioning units in locations that were previously impractical or impossible. They are ideal when additional ductwork is necessary but not cost effective. Basically, Ductless mini-split systems eliminate the use of ductwork. In addition to eliminating the need for ducting, one of the other great advantages of ductless multi-split systems is true zone control. Each indoor fan coil unit is dedicated to the room being conditioned allowing a temperature and humidity level to be kept different from the rest of the house or the building. It has never been easier and cost effective to cool and heat multiple rooms from a single outdoor unit. The biggest advantage of the multi zone system is once all indoor units in operation, cooling or heating, at the same time the system will limit the indoor unit capacity so that they will match with the outdoor unit capacity. When a zone meets the desired set temperature it requires less capacity. The unused capacity is then distributed to the remaining indoor units under operation, increasing their capacity. By rotating the capacity multi zone systems are preferred to increase diversity in heating and cooling loads for day and night operation. For maximum comfort throughout the entire house multi zone Invertech models are ideal to best match your room requirements when it is needed to condition more than one space. It is not necessary to use several separate systems. Klimaire 2, 3, 4 or 5 zone systems can easily respond to your heating and cooling needs. Each indoor unit is independently controlled to meet your specific comfort preferences, and designed to be placed juenst about anywhere for any application for your home or your business. Energy Star Rated. 5 Years Compressor Limited Warranty. Please contact your HVAC installer to perform and ensure a proper installation. Klimaire ultra highly efficient 5-Zone 21.5 SEER ductless mini-split inverter system includes 2 indoor units with remote control, an outdoor unit, and 3 x 25 ft & 2 x 15 ft long. Each indoor cool or heats an area up to 550 sq. ft.
Outdoor Unit is pre-charged and accommodates up to 25 ft length of refrigerant lines. Latest design rotary compressor and built-in crankcase heater ensures compressor longevity and reliability.
4 in 1 system: heating, cooling, fan and dehumidification modes. Turbo function, multi-speed fan, self-diagnosis and follow me are functions available with your Klimaire unit.
DC Inverter technology extends the heating and cooling capacity at lower ambient conditions down to 5 ºF/-15 ºC and provides up to 30 percent power savings, reduces outdoor noise, and eliminates frequent start/stop cycling.
This system comes with 3 x 25 ft & 2 x 15 ft long complete installation kit. Outdoor wall bracket included. 5 Year Compressor Limited Warranty. Energy Star Certified.

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