Life Expectancy of Solar Photovoltaic Panels

concentrated solar power tower
Concentrated Solar Power Tower | Image by WikiPedia

You’ve bought into the idea of ​​generating electricity through solar resources, so what now? Of course, any homeowner or business interested in photovoltaic panels would like to know how long this will last effectively. Since solar panels have no moving parts, they can actually last for a rather long time. Typically, solar panel manufacturers give a 20 or 25 year warranty on the panels, but most installers say they can endure more than 40 years with proper care.

Andy Black, one of the largest solar financial analysis and expert instructor, recently published its report on the life of the solar panels. Its analysis showed that the first solar panels produced about 40 years ago, it is still a capacity at about 80% of the original current. This study combined with other analysis, he concluded that most solar panels will lose about half a percent a year in efficiency.

This new information should affect how homeowners and businesses analyze a solar investment. If you want to spread the investment over 30 years (or 40 years) instead of 20 years, the return on investment is much more substantial. Therefore the investment in solar energy can feel more secure that they are making the right decision.

Although the solar panels on your house probably is not worth as much as new panels with the same wattage in 25 years, should have paid for itself many times and will continue to produce free electricity for your home. There is no reason to create new panels like the ones you still have to buy produce enough power for your needs.

Source: by Mona Reese


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