Materials Used For Solar Panel Construction

Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction
Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction | Image by Flickr

Solar panels are literally boxes that solar cells or photovoltaic cells to be encapsulated. The photoelectric effect can put these photovoltaic modules in sunlight into electricity. Because the cells are very fragile, it is essential to place safely at a certain character which is then a solar panel. These photovoltaic modules will produce a certain amount of energy is needed for both residential and commercial use. In the purchase of solar materials, you need to examine ale on the details before buying them.

The solar panel construction materials needed for photovoltaic module manufacturing its solar cells, lumber, Plexiglas, screws, soldering iron, a silicone caulk, electrical wires, diodes, jones plug and paint. Solar cells are often available as mono-crystalline bricks. Larger cells produce more power, but are heavy. Although smaller cells are lighter in weight and keep small. It is usually used to power lights and some devices so large photovoltaic cells, are not as necessary for housing electrical applications.

A shallow box for a solar panel is made of timber according to your preferences. Pieces of thick plywood are glued and screwed to each other with a divider across the middle of the box. Masonite peg-plates are then cut to fit the wells of the shallow box. A plexiglass front is used to protect the solar cells from the weather. The timber edges are then painted in order to take off of moisture. Soldering of the solar cells to each other is very important because panels must be soldered in an appropriate manner connected in series to obtain the desired tension. While electrical wires run through ventilation holes in the middle of the divider silicone sealant prevent spread around. Jones two-pin plug is placed at the end of the wires to the mating female connector on the controller.

Source: by Steven A Turner


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