Outback Radian 3.5kW 230VAC 48VDC Inverter/Charger GS3548E

The Radian Series GS3548E Grid/HybridTM (full-flexibility grid-interactive/off-grid) Inverter/Charger is engineered toward one goal: making system design and installation easier and faster in grid-interactive and comprehensive off-grid applications. The GS3548E features dual AC inputs for grid/generator flexibility with no external switching required, unparalleled surge capability and operational stability,easy field upgradeability and stacking capability for large system scaling, simplified system commissioning through a powerful, easy-to-use configuration wizard, and multi-mode operational flexibility. In addition, both models have new Advanced Battery Charging (ABC) profile options to support leading-edge battery technologies such as Lithium-Ion and others, and enhanced diagnostics for improved performance. And both incorporate OutBack’s GridZero technology, a superior level of intelligence in energy management for self-generation and self-consumption programs, providing precise balancing between using stored energy, solar and utility power, blending-in the latter to overcome surges and load spikes when needed. GridZero operation makes it possible for a smaller inverter and battery system to perform like a much larger one when required, putting stored and renewable energy sources to work and minimizing grid dependence. As truly global products, the Radian Series GS3548E inverter/chargers offer selectable voltage and frequency for use in a wide variety of locations, and innovative grid interface protection, which allows precision programming and control to accommodate shifting utility requirements in areas with high PV penetration or specific interconnection requirements. The GS3548E is IEC certified to meet the most stringent worldwide PV safety and emission standards. This product is for Europe, Asia and other global markets.Continous AC Power Output: 3500 Watts
Peak Efficiency: 92.00%
Maximum DC Input Voltage: 48.00 Volts

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