Photovoltaic Cells – How Do Photovoltaic Solar Panels Work?

Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction
Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction | Image by Flickr

By now you would have heard about photovoltaic solar panels. This is the element is a solar panel that generates electricity. This is based on a phenomenon in which electrons are shaken by the sun’s rays. The phenomenon is the photovoltaic effect. In this phenomenon, some materials tend to produce some amount of electric currents when they are exposed to some light. The source for this purpose usually sunlight.

The method was developed by a scientist Edmund Becquerel discovered. This was in the year 1839. The photovoltaic panels are a series of PN junctions which semiconductors by nature. These hybrids have two parts. On the one hand a shortage of electrons and the other part is rich in electrons. There is a photovoltaic cell present in your DIY solar panel. This cell is designed so that it creates an electric field.

The electric field is created across this transition between the two parts of the crystal. At this time, the electrons in the cell is moving from electron-rich part, the electron deficient part present. The two sides of the crystal are known as the p-type and n-type. There is a barrier between the two sides. This barrier prevents more electrons move on the two sides of the crystal.

This barrier is working until sunlight affects the solar cell and produces electrons. These electrons using sunlight filled with lots of energy and they can break the barrier between the nodes. After this, re-start the electrons passing between the nodes. This is the process by which the photovoltaic panels work.

Photovoltaic modules can easily become your solar generator. You can solar energy for various purposes. You would have learned a lot about solar energy and its use in high school. This used to be an important chapter in physics. This is why almost all of us know about building solar panels. Sunlight contains photons actually.

These photons are usually filled with energy. This energy actually hit the solar cells, and then they get absorbed. There are various applications of solar panels. You can even reduce your electricity bill by using these solar panels. Whether you need to buy a solar panel for yourself or you can even build them at home.

You can even use the system and even batteries to power the motor to recharge. All of these things are easy with the photovoltaic panels. These panels might look very simple, but they are usually a bit complicated when they are operated.

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