PowerOak 72 Flexible PV Solar Panel with Adhesive Back

PowerOak 72W Flexible PV Solar Panel with Adhesive Back or non-adhesive film back, offers a wide options of installation methods for customers.Roll-up 72W PV panels with adhesive back on stainless steel plates are manufactured by a roll-to-roll process.Which allows the company to produce triple-junction thin film silicon solar cells on rolls of thin stainless steel substrates, three feet wide and up to one mile long.
The core of 72W flexible PV panels with adhesive back’s technology are the semiconductor compositions called thin-film silicon(tf-Si) which are used to convert sunlight into electricity.These materials are ideal solar energy technologies for many applications for the following reasons:
1.Efficient absorption of sunlight with ~1Ìm thick film (vs 180 ¦Ìm Si wafer)
2.Low manufacturing cost
3.Produced at low temperatures with short energy payback time
4. Can be used with low-cost substrates such as plastic, glass, and metal
5. Proven manufacturing process and product durability
6. More energy output per rated Watt
7. No toxic substance in the product
8.No supply shortage
9.Multi-junction device structure for higher conversion efficiency.

Open Circuit Voltage:24.2V
Short Circuit Current:5.1A
Voltage at Max Power:17.6V
Current at Max Power:4.09A
Characteristics for System Design:
Max System Voltage: 600V
Series Fuse: 8A
Temp Coefficient of Power:-0.23%/¡æ
Temp Coefficient of Voc:-0.38%/¡æ
Temp Coefficient of Isc:+0.12%/¡æ
UL 1703 Fire Rating: Class A*Flexible-solar modules are produced utilizing a thin stainless steel substrate and flexible lamination polymers which equate to a thickness of ~1.5 mm. This allows our modules to be used for a wide variety of applications.
Lightweight-Weight only 6.2lbs.Flexible solar modules(~.5 lbs/sq. ft) are roughly three times lighter than rigid glass based PV modules
High Performance-Thin film amorphous silicon based PV modules offer better power performance in actual outdoor conditions vs. some other solar technologies that currently dominate the market.
Durable-Our thin film flexible solar modules can be utilized for either on-grid or off-grid applications and they come backed by our 25 year power-output warranty.
Easy to Install-Our 72W flexible PV panels with adhesive back can be integrated into a building’s roofing membrane or rolled on and adhered which allows for easy installation and also eliminates the need for roof penetrating racking structures.

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