PT-100 Solar Cell Charge Controller

Magnum PT-100 Charge Controller for Solar Arrays Maximize Energy Harvest and Improve Battery Life The PT-100 is a Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) charge controller designed to harvest the maximum available energy from the PV array and deliver it to the batteries. The PT-100’s MPPT algorithm finds the maximum power point of the array and operates at this point while regulating the output current and battery voltage to fully charge the battery. Features:The PT-100 provides higher than 99% conversion efficiency and uses less than two watts of power in nighttime mode.
Compatible with 12, 24, or 48V battery systems with automatic detection of system voltage.
Integrated PV Ground- Fault Detection and Interruption/ Indication, with pre-fault leakage/ diagnostic metering.
Over-temperature protection, power derating when temperature is high, PV short circuit and high PV input shutdown, output overcurrent protection and night-time back-feed (reverse current) protection.
A single controller supports a large PV array up to 6600W.

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