Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Eclipse Solar Premium Kit

Take command of your power system with a Renogy Premium Solar Kit. If efficiency and reliability are high on your wish list, the Renogy 100W 12V Premium Kit is your choice. Includes the new 100W Eclipse Solar Panel which weighs a little more than a standard Renogy panel, but in return packs a thicker tempered glass for durability and SunPower solar cells for higher efficiency. The included Commander 20A MPPT Charge Controller features multiphase synchronous rectification and Maximum Power Point Tracking technologies, which increase charging efficiency. For convenience, this kit also consists of mounting Z-Brackets, one 20ft 10AWG MC4 Adaptor Kit, one 8ft 8AWG Tray Cable, fusing components for your controller and battery protection, and an MT-50 Tracer Meter so you can easily monitor system performance.

Renogy 100W Eclipse Mono Solar Panel
Maximum Power: 100W
Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp): 17.7V
Optimum Operating Current (Imp): 5.70A
Commander 20A MPPT Charge Controller (Negative Grounded)
Rated Charge Current: 20A
Max. Solar Input Voltage: 150V DC
Max. PV Input Power: 260W (12V), 520W (24V)
Tracer Meter MT-50
Rated Voltage: 12V
Communication Cable: RJ45 (8 pin)
Renogy Mounting Z Brackets
Renogy 10A MC4 Fuse Holder w/Fuse
ANL 20A Fuse Set
Renogy 20ft 10AWG MC4 Adaptor Kit (A pair)
Renogy 8ft 8AWG Tray Cables (A pair)
2ft 8AWG ANL Fuse Cable

Warranty Information
25-year transferable power output warranty: 5-year/95% efficiency rate, 10-year/90% efficiency rate, 25-year/80% efficiency rate
5-year material and workmanship warranty
1-year warranty on rest of the kit components

Orders over $200 may require a signature. Free Shipping to continental U.S. with FedEx Home Delivery.Monocrystalline panels come with high-efficiency SunPower cells that help increase module efficiency. Module efficiency: Eclipse 100W Monocrystalline: 18.35%, regular 100W Monocrystalline: 15.47%, 100W Polycrystalline: 14.56%.
Commander charge controller brings peak conversion efficiency of 98%, high Tracking efficiency of 99%.
Extra thick anti-reflective, high transparency, low iron-tempered glass with enhanced stiffness and impact resistance.
Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame for extended outdoor use, allowing the panels to last for decades.
Comes equipped with an MC4 Inline fuse and ANL fuse components for protection on your charge controller and battery; included MT-50 Tracer Meter allows you to keep an eye on your system.

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