Snow on Solar Panels

Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction
Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction | Image by Flickr

Harnessing the power of the sun is not only eco-thinking and forward-looking, it can also be very economical. Using solar panels to your energy flow is a great way to go green, while reducing your energy bills.

Solar panels are made up of a group of cells called photovoltaic or PV cells. Photovoltaic means “light electricity. “These photovoltaic cells convert sunlight directly into electricity. A group of these cells electronically connected and packaged in a frame allows a panel. They can be manufactured in a variety of voltages that will determine the power or wattage, they will produce

install these panels on the roof to create a solar energy system is not a cheap option .; but it will pay off in the long run, and is also very suitable for our environment. Some things to think about as you plan To install them, even the slope of your roof, or trees, or other objects in the direct path between your panels and the sun, and how many panels you want, depending on how much voltage will generate your system.

The most efficient way for solar panels at work if they are installed point where the south (for the northern hemisphere), although other orientations will work in a less efficient manner. The panels also have an angle as close to your environment latitude possible to provide the maximum amount of energy to be taken throughout the year.

Each type of shadow that the panels will reduce power production, and it could cause a significant decrease.

A drop in electricity production can also occur when snow falls on solar panels. Because they generate energy by the cells wired to each other, when one panel is obscured by anything, including snow, then all the panels will will have the same response.

Snow can be swept the panels if you have a ladder and feel comfortable to climb your roof with a broom and sweeping the panels. However, by doing so you might cause irreparable damage to your expensive solar panels that not worth it in the end.

Germany, the world leader in the generation and use of solar energy, despite the snow climate during the winter months, is a product that is comparable to a car windshield wipers which debris, especially snow, solar panels will be clear so you do not have to do with the ladder and possible damage brought by the use of the snow itself on the market.

If it is just a light snow that has fallen, they will still be served. However, when a few inches of snow has fallen and is completely block the sun, they will not be able to generate energy. Solar cells operate as a unit of the cells, so as a part of a panel is covered with snow, it can shut off from the rest of the panel as well.

The good news is that if your solar panels covered by snow you do not really have to worry about energy output, because your total energy is calculated throughout the year, meaning that variations in energy output during Winter months are performed offset by higher output months other parts of the year.

If you’re a snow where the snow will melt quickly, or perhaps even be blown away then you really have to worry about any effect to get your solar panels. And if the snow stays on the ground for long periods of time can actually help your energy production. Ground snow reflects the sun’s rays and can actually help increase your solar energy, making it more efficient than in the summer. Moreover, if the snow falls from your solar panels, it also cleans and enhances their ability.

The type of solar panels to generate heat, so it does not matter how much snow falls on them, melting takes place immediate and facilitated by the reflection of the sun because of the snow itself. So, unless a large amount of snow falls, your solar panels will probably be fine without maintenance.

Source: by Ervin Root


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