Solar Cells: Materials, Manufacture and Operation

enormous leaps in efficiency and economy of solar cells are made at a furious pace. New materials and manufacturing processes have opened new realms of possibility for the application of solar cells. Crystalline silicon cells are increasingly way for thin-film cells that are spawning experiment with third-generation high-efficiency multijunction cells, carbon nanotubes-based cells, UV radiation for the voltage gain and the use of the infra-red spectrum for night operation to only some of the recent advances to call.

This thoroughly updated new edition of Markvart and Castaner The solar , extracted from their industry standard Practical Handbook of Photovoltaics is the definitive reference for the science and operation, materials and production of solar cells. It is essential reading for engineers, installers, planners and decision makers who need to understand the science behind the solar cells of today and tomorrow in order to take the solar energy to the next level.

  • A thorough update on the final terms of solar cell, created by a cast of international experts from industry and academia to ensure the highest quality of information from several perspectives
  • covers the entire spectrum of the sun cell information, from basic scientific background to the latest advances in materials, manufacturing problems, to testing and calibration.
  • case studies, practical examples and reports on the latest advances, take the new edition of this amazing resource of a simple blending of a large amount of knowledge in the realm of real-world applications

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