Solar Chime

Soothing, entertaining, audible Calder mobile artwork. A light-powered chime. The sound varies through the day and weather. Specifications 30 cm wide. 20 cm tall. Weight ten grams. No batteries. Spins slowly in as little as 200 lux, typical bright home lighting. Withstands direct sunlight, where it spins constantly at about 20 RPM. One musical note, unspecified. Can be faint or loud enough to be heard in nearby rooms. Chaotic: the striker may pulse, and the striker often passes under the chime. The striker can stick against the chime. No harm; the thread just winds tighter until the motor can’t wind it or the striker becomes unstuck. If this happens, you can gently dislodge the striker. Installation Comes with a T push-pin and a hanger wound with one meter of nylon thread. Fully assembled. Hang from the ceiling below a light or in a sunlit room. Use indoors. Hang above head high or out of traffic. Keep out of reach of children. Do not hang near a fan, in wind, or over a hot incandescent lamp. Adjust speed of spinning by changing location, by covering the solar cell, or by installing near a switched lamp. Comes pre-balanced. Has a weight you can slide to adjust its balance and thus how often it rings. Store in a dark place, so it does not wind its thread into kinks. Safety The solar cells are glass having dull edges. They might break if dropped. Free of lead (Pb). Made with ROHS compliant electronics (no harsh chemicals used.) Low power, only 1.5 volts: free of shock and fire hazard. No loose parts but so small it’s a hazard for small children. Warranty and Lifetime Warranty is ninety days. Lifetime is many years, depending on location. In dim light it might last decades, in direct sunlight it might last a few years. See on YouTube under Solabile. Solabile is a trademark. Patented.

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