Solar Energy: The Pros and the Cons

Is the use of solar energy a viable strategy? The advantages and disadvantages of solar energy have been discussed at great length. As a result, anyone thinking of installing a photovoltaic (PV) system must carefully evaluate both sides of the coin before making a decision.

We are all aware of the serious problems we face as a result of carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. Solar energy is a leading contender in the movement to increase our use of renewable energy and reduce our consumption of fossil fuels. Even if you are not personally interested in this technology, gaining insight into the benefits of solar energy in addition to the possible downsides is a good idea. Indeed, many believe that solar energy will lead one day have a major impact on how our daily lives.

So, let’s look at the pros and cons of solar energy, but also what makes them pros and cons.

The pros of solar energy

Lower energy bills. This is the main reason why most people decide to install a photovoltaic system. Lower energy bills represent one of the major advantages of solar energy as utilities continue to raise their rates. This trend is almost certain to continue as fossil fuels become scarcer.

Lower pollution. Although probably the next most important reason why people are opting for PV systems, in the long run it actually perhaps the most important. As a society we are addicted to fossil fuels and pollution from our heavy consumption of fossil fuels is showing no signs of disappearing. We need change to another energy source to ensure that future generations can enjoy our planet. Solar energy produces less pollution than the burning of fossil fuels.

Very reliable and compatible in most climates. Photovoltaic systems perform reliably in most weather conditions and climates.

Low maintenance. Photovoltaic systems have no moving parts or fuel. Occasional cleaning and inspections are the only maintenance required.

Very safe. No moving parts and no fuel means more than just low maintenance. These characteristics also make solar energy is extremely safe.

energy independence. For many people, the ability to achieve energy-independence is one of the primary advantages of solar energy. A utility energy costs continue to rise, this advantage will become even more important.

The disadvantages of solar energy

high initial cost. Photovoltaic systems can be expensive to purchase and installation operations. This is one of the disadvantages of solar energy which deters many people.

Sunshine is limited. A PV system will only generate solar energy when the sun shines. Besides not produce solar energy at night, solar panels are less productive during cloudy days. Also this is one of the major disadvantages of solar energy.

homes must be energy efficient. Energy consumption in the home must as much as possible to reduce some of the high purchase cost of a photovoltaic system offset. Energy must be used much more conservative. It can be very expensive to increase the energy efficiency of a home, but once it is achieved, the savings can add up.

As you can see, there are many benefits of solar energy, but the disadvantages should also be considered. It is hoped that in most cases the benefits of solar energy will outweigh the disadvantages, resulting in the wider use of the sun as an energy source.

Source: by William P Craft

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