Solar Panel Breakthrough – Twice the Efficiency at Half the Cost

UK Solar Energy Experiment Panel
UK Solar Energy Experiment Panel | Image by Flickr

Xtreme Energetics, a solar energy system developer based in Livermore, California, she announced have signed an agreement with HP (NYSE: HPQ) committed to the development of a solar energy system designed to generate electricity at twice the efficiency and only half of the cost of the current existing solar panels. The collaboration is based on a transparent transistor technology which was jointly developed at Oregon State University.

The transistor technology unique component is made with a transparent thin film transistors which are made from low-cost, readily available materials that are environmentally friendly, to produce a better chemical stability, higher mobility and simpler.

The transistor technology makes Xtreme Energetics concentration and tracking system to maximize the concentration of light by means of a transparent electronic mechanism. Xtreme Energetics system, when coupled with the transparent transistor technology improves conversion efficiency because it allows for maximum light that would otherwise be blocked by traditional non-transparent electronics. This enables the panels to convert solar energy into electricity more at almost half the cost of the normal conversion.

Colin P. Williams, chief executive officer, Xtreme Energetics says “Blending art and science, our ultra-high efficiency solar energy systems can serve both the central utility and the rooftop markets using low-cost, ecologically harmonious and architecturally inspiring designs. “He went on to say that” Our agreement with HP allows us to bring an advanced solar energy solution to the market that is superior to other offerings currently available. ”

Xtreme Energetics flat design eliminates the need for tracking the sun as it travels over the horizon. By combining XE technology with HP transparent transistor technology, the system can be formed to virtually any building material better aesthetic mimic. All of the usual headaches, such as the inherent dilemmas of mechanical solar trackers, which can incur high maintenance costs and are vulnerable to high winds, are eliminated by the low-profile design; making installation on the roof practical. Combined with the ease of installation on the roof and lower production costs, these new solar panels become more competitive with traditional energy production methods.

“Open innovation to foster collaborative research is essential in today’s fast-paced, innovation fueled market,” said Joe Beyers, vice president, Intellectual Property Licensing, HP. “Through our collaborative research and by licensing HP core intellectual property in electronics, we have the pace of the transfer of technology, so it accelerated in creating commercial, renewable energy solutions can be applied.”

This development brings forth a new era in solar panel design. Not only is Extreme energetics these panels can produce only half of the cost of traditional solar panels, but they are able these new solar panels with twice the production of solar power.

Source:—Twice-the-Efficiency-at-Half-the-Cost&id=1327077 by Linda A.


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