Solar Panels Brisbane and the Advantages They Promise


There is a big talk about solar panels lately. As more and more people become more aware of the inefficiency and expensiveness of fossil-based fuels and of the cleanliness of their environment as well as the earth, solar energy becomes a promising fuel for a cheaper and cleaner future. The trend of shifting to using solar energy is further corroborated by the increasing availability of technologies and infrastructures to exploit the energy of the sun. Solar panels are no longer as expensive as they used to be and now, those panels can be implemented not only in industrial and commercial areas, but also in residential areas. Thanks to the service provided by solar panels Brisbane contractors, families can now have their own panels to cut down their electricity bills and to make a lucrative investment for their future. In short, people who are aware of their environment and their electricity bill should consider using solar panels to energize their premises and appliances.

The Development of Solar Panels Brisbane

Brisbane is one of the most flourishing cities in the East Coast of Australia. The dredged channel of Brisbane River makes it an important industrial port where exports and imports of international trading commodities, including frozen meats, dairy products and coal, are quite vigorous. Being a busy Australian trading and manufacturing center with diversified industries, Brisbane always considers energy an important issue. The effective implementation of solar panels in this city receives warm welcome. At the present, solar panels have been effectively implemented in many industrial areas in this city. One of Australia’s biggest solar energy contractors is also headquartered in this city. This is obviously a good news for businesspersons and residents alike who wish to implement the cheap and clean energy generated by those panels.

Solar Panels Installation

Solar panels consist of photovoltaic cells that are capable to capture the energy of the sunray and to convert it into usable electric power. To use those panels, they must be installed properly. Because their photovoltaic cells are intended to effectively capture the energy of the sun, the panels must be installed on a place that has direct access to sunray. It is even recommended that the panels face directly the sun. In residential areas, the panels can be installed on any open field that can accommodate numerous panels that can generate enough energy to provide power to all buildings and appliances in those areas. In residential areas, solar panels can usually be installed on the roof. Almost no protective structure is necessary to protect those panels because the photovoltaic cells of those panels are low-maintenance materials that are well suited for application even in the harshest areas.

Solar Power Pros and Cons

Despite being already available for widespread use, solar panel is still under development. Therefore, although solar energy is considered a promising energy for the better future, there are still shortcomings that may raise concerns. Some of the advantages of using solar power have been explained above. To sum up, here are the pros of using this renewable energy source.

Solar power is environmentally friendly because it doesn’t produce harmful pollutants.

Solar power only requires one initial expense for buying the panels and installing them, which can be rather expensive; however, after this one-time expense is paid, there is virtually no additional fees that customers must pay. Panel maintenance cost is still present, though.
Solar power is clean not only because it doesn’t produce air, water and soil pollutants, but also because it doesn’t produce noise pollution. The panels work so silently that residents of a house will hear nothing even if solar panels are installed on the roof of the house. This makes solar panels better than wind turbines, another clean and cheap renewable energy generator.

Solar panels require little maintenance. The photovoltaic cells of the panels are made from extremely durable materials. The panels also consist of no moving part. Therefore, although customers may still be concerned with maintenance cost, that cost will not be too expensive to afford.

Solar panels can be used at remote places that don’t have access to power grid or another source of electricity.

Those advantages seem to make solar panel a truly promising renewable power generator; however, solar panel is not without weakness. Here are two disadvantages of using solar panels to generate electricity.

Because solar panels capture the energy of the sun, they can be used only at daytime and when the weather is clear, although additional batteries can be used to save energy and to use it when there is no sun.

Solar panels are not cheap. Although solar power requires only one initial expense, such expense cannot be considered cheap. Solar panels are still considered expensive even though there is a gradual price drop as time goes by.

At the present, solar panel still cannot be relied upon as the sole energy generator for a building. Because a lot of electricity is needed at night when there is no sun, additional energy generators are still considered necessary. Currently, the most efficient use of solar panel is in a hybrid environment where traditional energy generator and solar panel are used collaboratively.

Choosing Solar Energy Companies

To use solar panels and to install them, customers have to contact a solar energy contractor. To choose the most reliable contractor, here are some factors that must be taken into consideration.

  1. Licensing
  2. Contractor’s readiness to inspect the installation area
  3. Warranties for panel, inverter and other essential components
  4. Offered quotes
  5. Solar panel design and brand
  6. Price and financing
  7. Commitment to customer service

Is Solar Worth It?

Given that there are more advantages of using solar panels than its disadvantages and that choosing a reliable solar power contractor is always easy, shifting to using solar energy is considered a worthy endeavor. Solar power users are always invulnerable to all erratic conditions that occur in the oil market.

Verdict about Solar Panels UK

Solar power is renewable, cheap and clean. It indeed is still under development and requires expensive up-front cost; however, its costly initial expense is effectively overwhelmed by its advantages. This is the reason why shifting to using solar power is an endeavor that every conscious person must think about.


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