Solar Photovoltaic Panels Versus Thermal Solar Panels

UK Solar Energy Experiment Panel
UK Solar Energy Experiment Panel | Image by Flickr

Solar photovoltaic panels versus Thermal solar panels


The black panels that you see on roofs facing south sees mostly solar panels. They consist of many small solar cells which retain part of the sunlight and convert it into electricity. Right now they only electricity convert approximately 15% of the electricity that falls on it. However, science claims it will make great strides in this area by means of nanotechnology. It may not be that far away.

Photovoltaic panels are easier to install and require little maintenance. It is recommended that you do hosing down once in a while. Additionally, you can remove the winter snow accumulation. Photovoltaic panels are made in many varieties. Some of his stick, some shingles, and some are normal panels. However, there are three types of modules: single crystal, multi-crystalline and amorphous. Most people opt for multi-crystalline as it is the most power for your money.


Often a pool is heated with solar thermal energy. Thermal is the process of running water by polypropylene, copper or PVC. The sunlight on the roof heats the water. Since sun is strongest in the summer, it makes perfect sense to a pool or hot tub. The solar batteries can charge during the day and provide electricity for the evenings and mornings. It’s a great combination

thermal panels are much cheaper .; especially since they can be most homeowners. The technology is not that difficult to master. Thermal solar panels are built into a glass framed boxes; usually from 2 * 4. The windows are best when they double glazing. Then, you can often use metal plates painted black behind the pipes.

Source: by Jamie Rackenthaler


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