Solar Powered Window Air Conditioner

When you choose one of Kingtec’s many solar AC models, you get with it a solution that’s inspired by AC technology that you already know and respect. Many of the components used in the Kingtec range have been in use since 2009 in heavy-duty long-haul vehicles. Truckers and RV users in some of the most rugged terrain have tested these components and given us a resounding 2-thumbs up! And with our durable, practical and efficient designs, you get solar ACs that are easier to install, convenient to operate, require next to no maintenance, and provide a cost effective alternate to other grid-tied solutions. Our solar air conditioner, not only are you able to dramatically reduce your Co2 footprint, but you will also dramatically reduce you electricity bills! Two options available to be able to start the unit, giving the end user the power to decide which is best (not included): Batteries = 48v Converters=110v/220v to 24v (need two to make 48v) Solar Panels (Not included): Four (4) 250w panels required for off the grid, six (6) 250w panels required if using batteries and want to charge batteries when low, unit comes with a solar charging system already neatly built in.SOLAR POWERED 16000 BTU ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE EASY INSTALLATION REQUIRE NEXT TO NO MAINTENANCE 1 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY (Parts Only)

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