Starting Your Own Home Solar Panel Business

Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction
Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction | Image by Flickr

The growing demand for low-cost solar panels, so there is no better time to start your own home solar panel company. The advantages of this kind of business is that the start up costs are minimal and the demand is huge. So what are the steps you should take to keep your new solar panel company.

Learn how to build solar panels

Building solar panels is very simple. There are numerous online tutorials diy solar panel for you to choose from. Finding the right one for you will make sure to include your manual contains handing tax forms for you to your customers and membership, where possible, so you can stay updated with new technology from the experts.

Sourcing materials and building gradually

Initially, you will want to keep your costs down, but will not buy too many shares until allowed to flow orders. Sourcing materials is a big part of the business and is the only place you can really save cost and earn more money. Look at alternatives for new solar cells when possible and consider recycled wood for the frames. The use of recycled and reclaimed wood can also become a part of your marketing strategy.

Marketing your product

Start local and move outward. Word of mouth is the ideal way of marketing, so start with family and friends and then move it to colleagues and acquaintances. If the price is right, then you should easily be able to generate demand. Ask to put advertising on fences where you installed solar panels and advertise in the local classifieds.

You should be able to easily produce six panels a week and sell them at a profit of about $ 200 per person will result in a very lucrative weekend business that you can take full time when demand requires.

Source: by Jared Owen


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