Technology Improvements on Efficiency of Solar Panels Today

concentrated solar power tower
Concentrated Solar Power Tower | Image by WikiPedia

Solar power is gaining popularity these days. This is mainly due to the fact that the world of the fossil fuels are more and more exhausted and air pollution is a major concern. Efficiency of solar panels technology, our production of energy from the sun more efficient and energy-saving made.

Because sunlight is immediately available without cost practically the year by the energy bill can be greatly reduced especially if the solar panels used are of the best quality. Another plus is that the panels need minimal maintenance compared to other forms of home energy.

It is strange but true that few people seem to be aware of the many benefits of going solar energy and it is used very sparingly on the whole. This may be due to the fact that often the solar panels are not used as efficiently as it should. This situation is dealt with by the use of larger panels. The problem with this is that the aesthetics of the house plus the higher costs are not particularly attractive to the average resident.

There is also the inherent problem of the panels are pretty useless at night and low consumption in dull cloudy days. The good news is the fact that the existing solar panel technology radically advanced to the point where the use of photovoltaic cells called developed.

This technique is completely transformed to the power, efficiency and costs of the use of the sun energy for home use. The size of panels has been reduced, but the efficiency of the panels is increased greatly.These photovoltaic cells are aligned on a bed of steel. The different cells are able to catch the many spectrum of sunlight. The panels have layers of cells that overlap to create a powerful electricity-producing source.

These latter cells are not large and can be freely positioned quickly ease on the roof of houses. This latest technology allows for much greater efficiencies than the older and less efficient panels.The appearance is also a lot better than regular solar panels and does not stick out like the proverbial sore thumb.

Another new innovation in solar energy is the use of shingles in fact nothing more than modified solar cells made into shingles. They are usually black in color and blend in beautifully.

This shingles technology is just one of the exciting and innovative things about today’s science, and extensive research is underway in the efficiency of solar panels far into the future.

Source: by Albert Cusack


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