The Lifespan of Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction
Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction | Image by Flickr

Photovoltaic solar panels are becoming a popular means of off-grid power generation. With a high power over long daylight hours they can easily provide enough electricity for the average family home or even several homes with power. The greatest thing about solar panels is that they are completely scalable. The more you panels, the more electricity is provided, however; Before we rush out and spend such a terrible amount of money that we need to consider how long will the panels.

In general, most solar panel manufacturers guarantee their panels constant output for 15-20 years. Indeed, if we examine and research that is about as basic number everyone will come with or distribute it. What they mean by that figure is that the glass surface to be kicked off the panel at 1-2 decades to generate the full berries. If we are to protect and cleaning of the surface of the panels regularly we could in theory extend the life of the panels.

Many panels will not damage long before their life has expired. This is the unfortunate downside of cheap glass panels we usually see. These glass panels are often damaged by the storm blown debris or other factors within the first few years. A pine cone falls from high enough the glass with respect to your photovoltaic cells as easily as a rock would shatter. We can cover the panels in a protective coating, but in most cases, that will reduce the capacity.

The best method for significantly extending the life of your photovoltaic solar panels is still clean and maintain them regularly. Sand can scrape the glass surface after a period of time by nothing more than the wind is blowing it over the glass. If we keep the surface of the panels free of dust and dirt can we solve this problem. Think for a moment about the solar cells that feed our space satellites. She will indeed continue to work for many decades, if not always easy because the vacuum of space free of dirt keeping the panels. The same effect can be given here on earth, it has only a little more work on the part of our people.

Even with the average lifespan of solar panels are 15-20 years we usually have all the money we spent back in the form of free electricity long before the panels reached their guaranteed time limit. 15-20 years is a good solid period. We can clean the panels to make them last longer and can we cover them, to protect them from dirt. There is no reason why we can not keep every solar panel in production of power in the course of our lives with just a little maintenance.

Source: by Martin J Breeman


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