The Main Components of a Solar Panel – How Solar Panels Are Made

Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction
Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction | Image by Flickr

Fortunately for those of us who are not so technologically advanced, solar panels come pre-constructed, so all we need to do to take advantage of the strong potential energy that comes from the sun is to install them on the roof. However, it can be interesting at least learn a little more about the main components of a solar panel, just for the sake of general knowledge, as well as to understand more about the whole process. There are several important bits that help the solar cells.

The main component of a solar cell or panel is crystalline silicon, cut into tiny particles in a round shape. These are in a flat, thin shape overlaid on the panel itself, and lined with materials that an electrical charge is to add to, as well as the metal conductors that ultimately generate electricity after the sun’s rays is heated. Another component that is added on top of a layer of glass is that protects and binds the discs. In order to protect the glass and keep it all become overheated, is an extremely thin layer of cement is then added as a coolant.

This is not enough to ensure that the panel does not overheat at times, especially in a climate that will make the panels exposed to an abundance of sun. For anyone who wants to protect their solar panels, it is strongly recommended to leave a layer of air between the panel and the roof surface, with a sort of raised platform. This will help to ensure that everything is going well and that the air is allowed to circulate, thereby to cool the panel is still able to absorb energy.

With all these components, the sun’s rays then pass through the silicon and converted into an electric current. An inverter is needed, powering a useful baseline for household appliances and batteries are also used to store this energy, making it a renewable resource. Together, all of these constitute the entire energy system of solar energy, and can be a very useful and efficient means of providing more than enough energy for the home. A solar panel may be sufficient, or several can be used to draw more power in the long term.

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