The Role of Solar Panel Companies in Promoting the Use of Solar Energy


Concerns over the over exploitation of fossil-based fuels have already been a major issue since the dawn of the modern era. A shift to cleaner and renewable energy resource has always been proposed not only to prevent damage caused by pollution, but also to make sure that the population of the earth will remain thrive in the event of the exhaustion of fossil fuels, which are nonrenewable. The government and solar panel companies have been vigorously encouraging the shift to using solar energy because sunray is the cleanest, cheapest and safest source of energy and because solar radiation that can be converted to electricity is always available. Efforts to utilize the energy of the sun have been carried out since many decades ago. The use of solar panel for water and room heating purpose is the first step toward general implementation of solar energy. Lately, when photovoltaic cells that transform solar radiation into electricity become widely available, solar panels that generate electricity start to be used not only in industrial zones, but also residential ones.

Solar Energy UK

The number of solar panel installations in the United Kingdom has been soaring recently. The introduction of feed-in-tariff in 2008, which became effectual in 2011, seemed to contribute to this rush. Today, solar panels can be seen perched on the roof of many houses as well as commercial and industrial facilities across the nation. The subsidy, along with the financial benefit gained from the free energy generated by those panels, has made solar energy UK a favored alternative source of energy both in large-scale industrial zones and in homes. Although the price of solar panels is considered expensive despite its significant decrease over the recent few years, homeowners seem to be enthusiastic to welcome the introduction of this cleaner energy resource at their homes.

Why Should You Go Solar?

There are many reasons why you should go solar. The most obvious reason to switch to solar energy is that solar radiation is free. It can be extracted without excavating or drilling the earth and its utilization doesn’t require users to pay monthly electricity bills. Maintenance cost indeed applies to make sure that the solar panels are always in perfect condition; however, because the photovoltaic cells of those panels are made from durable semiconductors, especially crystalline silicon and gallium arsenide, maintenance cost is relatively low.

Another reason to go solar is that solar energy is clean. Unlike electricity generated by power plants, which emits the harmful carbon dioxide, electricity generated by solar panels is 100% clean. It doesn’t produce any polluting agents that harm both living things and the environment they live in and it doesn’t increase the overall temperature of the earth. Solar energy is the seed of a much cleaner and better future.

Homeowners who use solar panels to generate electricity are self-reliant people. Because they can now generate their own electricity, they can lessen their reliance on electricity provided by utility suppliers. They can always have enough energy to provide power to their homes and appliances even during power failure and blackouts.

Because solar energy is a lifelong investment, any homes that have solar panels on them will have increased value. They will be more marketable as well because people who buy a home with solar panels on it are expecting to not deal with expensive electricity bills after they occupy the home.

Although solar energy is not without shortcomings, such as the fact that the sun is only available at daytime and that the initial cost of solar panel installation is rather expensive, overall, solar energy is much more advantageous than fossil-based fuels. There is always a sound reason why everyone should consider going solar.

Tips to Choose the Right Solar Companies

Homeowners who are ready to go solar should contact a solar energy company or contractor to get the panels and to have them installed on their homes. Here are three important factors to mind when choosing a solar energy company.

  1. MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) accreditation
    Residents should work only with an MCS-accredited company. This is necessary not only to ensure the company’s professionalism and reputation, but also to make sure that they can benefit from the government feed-in-tariff program. Residents who hire an unaccredited company may not be able to benefit from this program.
  2. Reference
    Most solar companies in the United Kingdom are MCS-accredited. Therefore, residents may need to narrow down their list by relying on reference. They can consult any homes that have already had solar panels on them and ask their owners to refer them to the company that installs the panels. If the company is known to provide satisfactory service to its customers, they can keep it in their list.
  3. Warranty offer
    A reputable solar energy company must offer warranty that covers all essential components of the panel, including the panel itself, its inverters, batteries if available, and other components necessary for transforming solar radiation into usable energy.

Solar Power Portal in UK

Solar Panel Portal is a reliable source of solar energy information in the United Kingdom that offers updated news about solar energy. Information about the latest development of solar energy in the country as well as government’s regulations about it, including the now famous feed-in-tariff program, is available at this portal. Homeowners who are interested in learning more about solar energy in UK and how to adopt this clean energy for use at their homes may need to frequent this portal to update their knowledge about solar energy.

Residential Solar Installation

Homeowners who have understood how solar energy works and have picked the right company to install solar panels at their home can proceed to understanding how solar installation is carried out. Solar panel installation involves several important steps that customers have to take, including having their home inspected by the company, deciding whether to use solar roof or solar rack, obtaining permit to install the panel, determining the direction the panel faces so that it receives maximum amount of radiation, mounting the panel, and connecting it with other essential components in the system. The company they work with will provide assistance in accomplishing the whole installation job.


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