The Solar Panel

concentrated solar power tower
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The solar panel, also known as a photovoltaic module or photovoltaic panel is a device that is to collect light energy and convert it into electricity. It makes use of photovoltaic cells, most commonly known as the solar cells. its development was started by a French physicist Antoine César Becquerel in his 1839 study. By observing the effect, while doing an experiment with the fixed electrode immersed in an electrolyte solution (the one used in a battery), he sees a voltage was developed when the electrode is exposed to sunlight.

Around 40 solar cells, but had a percent energy conversion efficiency. The development was then in the 50’s by three American researchers, Daryl Chap in, Gerald Pearson and Calvin Fuller (creator of the first solar panel). They design a silicon-based solar cell, and manage to increase the conversion efficiency up to seven percent. In their research, by exposing a number of strips of silicon solar cell to the sun light, capturing the free electrons and convert it into electric current. A year after, Bell Laboratories funded the research and production of the first (prototype) solar battery. It was commercialized.

Now, many businesses and institutions are developing the use of solar panel, such as in toys, small electronic gadgets, alternative energy source for homes, a space power, solar power supply for laptop computer and they are now the development of the use of the automobile and other forms of transportation. There are many universities now compete in developing a solar-powered increase the car and according to my research, it was one in Australia last October 7, 2007 it held the World Solar Challenge. A technology like this can give a lot of contribution to our future needs.

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