Thin Film Solar Cells

“You, 0 sun, the eye of the world are you are the soul of all beings embodies You are the source of all creatures You are the discipline of all engaged in work” – Translated from the Mahabharata 3rd century BC Today energy is the lifeline and status symbol of the “civilized” societies. All nations have therefore taken on research and development per gram of different sizes in attack to explore and effectively utilize renewable energy sources. Although an inferior energy with large spatial and temporal variations, solar energy is abundant, cheap, clean and renewable, and thus provides a very attractive alternative source. The direct conver sion of solar energy into electricity (photovoltaic effect) has called on devices solar cells already an established border area of ​​science and technology. Born out of the need for remote area applications, the first commercially produced solar cells – single-crystalline silicon and thin-film CdS / Cu 2 S – became available more than 20 years. In fact, today all spacecraft are powered by silicon solar panels. But large terrestrial applications of solar cells are still waiting for major breakthroughs in terms of discovering new and radical concepts in solar cell component structures using relatively abundant, cheap and exotic materials and invent simpler and less energy-intensive manufacturing processes. No doubt, this extraordinary challenge in R / D performed in the field of photovoltaics in recent years to a virtual explosion of activity.

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