TK-620318/CS5 Fuel Cell 10 – (Classpack of 5)

The Fuel Cell 10 Car & Experiment Kit provides a hands-on introduction to one of the most significant technologies of the early 21st century. With this kit, you can build a model car that actually runs on water! First, use solar energy to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen. Then, plug in the motor and the fuel cell uses these gases to produce electricity that moves your vehicle across the floor. The only by-product is clean water.
Roll up your sleeves and find out about fuel cells, solar cells, and electrolysis through more than a dozen experiments and demonstrations you can do on your own, in a classroom, or with friends. Some fuel cells, such as this one, do not consume fossil fuels and therefore are considered environmentally friendly.

Recently redesigned, this 10th Anniversary Edition includes a completely redesigned car, multimeter, solar panel, and manual. The kit also comes with a rolling display stand and a battery pack. The full-color, 64-page manual is a comprehensive lesson in solar cells and fuel cells. Ages 10 and up.Learn how solar cells turn sunlight into electricity
Experiment with a unique reversible Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cell
Discover how fuel cells work
Calculate the efficiency ofthe solar cell and fuel cell
Learn how to use a multimeter

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