Using Home Solar Panels to Light Up Your House and Garden

Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction
Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction | Image by Flickr

House solar panels are ideal for illuminating your home and garden. The energy stored in the batteries during the day, you can your entire house with the right lighting all night.

There are different solar panels that you can use for your solar generator. There are panels monocrystalline, polycrystalline panels and ribbon panels. Polycrystalline panels are used the most. This is because compared to monocrystalline cells, they are profitable. While monocrystalline solar cells give more yield gaps in all four corners make them. Therefore they are not able to get much more power per square foot. So, the power per area is basically the same for monocrystalline and polycrystalline PV panels. Needless to say, many homeowners choose polycrystalline solar cells on monocrystalline cells.

For ribbon type solar cells, although they are much cheaper than the other two types of PV panels, they are quite effective compared. When it comes to installing solar panels on your roof, space management is critical. For many homes, using ribbon-type solar panels just not working out.

There are also many different types of rechargeable batteries that you can use. What solar experts recommend is to use deep-cycle maintenance-free rechargeable batteries. An example is the Concorde SunXtender. Deep-cycle batteries are well suited for applications that consume a lot of power. But if you only plan to use it to power LED lights, will do almost any rechargeable battery, provided that the proper specification. LED lights do not use a lot of energy and not much energy to start-up necessary.

Ideally, light emitting diodes and light bulbs should be used for solar energy. Incandescent and halogen energy-consuming and unnecessary drain energy from the batteries. While LED light bulbs are a bit more expensive now, the price will go down in the near future. This is because super bright LEDs in many more places than before and they are now in mass production. With economies of scale, the price is set to slide. But even if not, it is still profitable to buy LED lights. This is because they last longer and less electricity. You can save money each year on energy.

When you get home to use solar panels used to light up your home and garden, less fossil fuels you. As such, you help the earth by releasing fewer greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. If each household can alleviate their home using solar energy, many environmental problems are not as severe as they are now.

Source: by John Greenspan


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