ZAMP SOLAR USP1003 180 Watt Folding Kit

Focus on your adventure worry less about your power. Zamp Portable solar systems keep your batteries charged and ready to power your devices. You can focus on making memories and less about keeping the lights on. Zamp Portables set up in less than 5-minutes and work on 6 different battery types – including 2 lithium battery chemistries. Remove the panel from its padded case, open it, unfold the legs, set it in the sun, and connect to your battery. That’s it! Zamp Solar Portables – Connect to a battery straight out of the box using battery clips or utilize any Zamp Solar sidewall port (pre-wired or self-installed). Each wiring harness on a Zamp portable allows the battery clips to detach and use our Zamp Solar plugs for an easier and quicker connection. The wire harness is 16′. 5-Stage charge controller automatically turns on and off depending on the battery and won’t overcharge. Equipped with a digital display and feeds you tons of information about the batteries health. When stowed, the portable is protected with a case made of thick padding and ballistic nylon. Super resistant to abrasion and hard impacts.Power your adventures on SOLAR! – Use your RV everywhere! No hookups needed.
Great for RV’s 40′ and smaller or 1 to 4 battery systems using 12-volt or 6-volt batteries.
Increase battery life 2 – 3 times longer and save money by reduced battery replacements. Keep them charged and healthy.
Use straight out of the case or on Zamp Solar pre-wired RV with Zamp’s sidewall solar Port.
Made in the U.S. – 25-year power output warranty – 32.75 lbs. – 140-Watts – Closed Dimms 32.4″ x 21.5″ x 3.1″

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