Revolutionary Energy Breakthroughs Unveiled at Intersolar 2023 – GoodWe Dominates the Solar Game! – Intersolar 2023, the famed solar event in Munich, Germany, attracted an emotional crowd of 106,000 callers from 166 countries. Amidst this vibrant gathering, GoodWe surfaced as a name expo, witching attendees with its advanced inverters and battery technologies. The company’s extensive 500 sqm cell showcased a different range of PV results, but the limelight was on their groundbreaking modular C&I energy storehouse results, which garnered inviting interest from callers.

GoodWe concluded its participation at Intersolar 2023 on a positive note, as the significant interest from mates and guests affirmed the company’s strategic direction and its capability to meet request demands with intelligent and adaptable systems.

During the event, Daniel Huang, the author and CEO of GoodWe, stressed the company’s commitment to the EMEA region. Huang emphasized the significance of acclimatizing results to the region while investing in robust client support and original moxie. GoodWe’s expansion plans remain unvarying, with a loyal commitment to delivering slice- edge products and exceptional support that caters to the evolving requirements of mates and guests.

Callers at Intersolar demonstrated a strong enthusiasm for solar energy storehouse, particularly for flexible results that enable tone- consumption and continued power force. The most significant unearthing at the exhibition was the preface of GoodWe’s game- changing product line, the GoodWe EcoSmart Commercial, designed specifically for C&I energy storehouse. This innovative addition complements the popular EcoSmart Home domestic energy storehouse portfolio, featuring the largely sought- after mongrel inverters of the GoodWe ET series.

The EcoSmart Commercial product line provides an expansive range of inverters, batteries, BIPV results, and accessories for C&I operations, allowing flawless customization of systems grounded on specific conditions. Prominent products showcased included the important 100kW ETC mongrel inverter and the accessible each- by- one ESS result EAC( 30kW/ 60kWh). The overwhelmingly positive response from callers verified the extensively held belief that C&I energy storehouse is poised to come a prominent player in Europe’s energy storehouse request.

Adaptable mileage results contribute to reduced LCOE

With a largely professed platoon and a robust portfolio, GoodWe has solidified its position as a leading and secure brand for mileage- scale PV systems. At Intersolar, the new 320/ 350kW inverter of the UT series garnered significant interest from visiting EPCs, design itineraries, and investors. also, the proven and well- established HT 250kW inverter continues to be an integral part of the portfolio, icing the inflexibility to meet different design conditions.

David Sánchez, EMEA Deals Director – mileage and Large Scale at GoodWe, emphasized the company’s successful collaboration with guests to effectively reduce the Levelized Cost of Energy( LCOE) for solar granges. This approach has garnered request trust and deposited GoodWe as a dependable mate. With the preface of the new UT series to round the popular HT models, GoodWe now offers the most comprehensive range of PV results for mileage- scale systems available in the request.

Driving Solar Energy Innovation in the EMEA Region

GoodWe’s remarkable growth in recent times has established the company as a crucial player in the PV assiduity. By constantly delivering innovative and high- quality products, GoodWe has erected a strong distribution network across the EMEA region.

Thomas Haering, President of GoodWe EMEA, emphasized the significance of close collaboration with mates in an ever- evolving assiduity. He stated that nonstop alignment, comprehensive support, and relating new openings are pivotal for staying at the van. Platforms like Intersolar give inestimable openings for meaningful exchanges, fostering stronger collaborations and a positive outlook for the future.

Haering expressed gratefulness to all the solar professionals who visited GoodWe’s cell at Intersolar 2023 and encouraged them to mark their timetables for Intersolar 2024, promising another occasion to shape the future of solar energy together.

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